Call Authentication & Security

Voice network attacks, robocalls and spoofing are rapidly advancing, and traditional methods of contact center call authentication are costly and increasingly ineffective.

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SecureLogix® Can Help

We offer call filtering solutions that scrub voice attacks out of your network, quickly and inexpensively authenticate callers, and orchestrate use of additional fraud inspection vendors for optimal results.

  • Protect against call attacks & fraud
  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce operating costs

Call Security

Your voice network is under attack from a growing number of highly sophisticated scammers, hackers, and fraudsters. Attackers increasingly favor high-value targets, such as contact centers, 911 facilities, and critical government resources, where they can steal money or cause the most business disruption and damage. While financial, healthcare, emergency and government organizations have some of the highest risk, no industry is safe from these and other voice attacks.


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Smart Call Authentication

Our cloud-based call authentication and spoofing detection services will increase contact center security, improve customer experiences and lower contact center costs. We analyze and score each call in real time, filter attacks and fraud out of your network, and orchestrate your fastest, lowest cost, most optimal authentication and fraud analysis decisions based on your business rules and the risk profile of each individual call.

SecureLogix is the most trusted and experienced provider of technology solutions for call authentication & security.

Solution Overview

SecureLogix solutions offer unified, enterprise-wide policy control and orchestration intelligence to reduce costs and secure your business lines and contact centers from attack, disruption, fraud, and abuse.


Direct Payback / ROI

We enable a hard-dollar ROI payback in less than 12 months by securing your enterprise from attack, fraud, data theft, and service abuse, while reducing contact center costs and optimizing enterprise voice network management.

How it Works

SecureLogix solutions are PBX/vendor agnostic, and unify policy enforcement, authentication, network intelligence and orchestration across any network media (TDM or VoIP), configuration or typology. We offer cloud-based solutions, virtual deployment options, managed services, CPE product platforms with central administration, and Cisco and Service Provider integrated solutions to support our customers’ diverse networks, operations, and business needs.

Products & Services

PolicyGuru® Meta Policy Controller

ETM® System

SecureLogix® Managed Services

Orchestra One™ Smart Call Authentication


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