Toll Fraud & Traffic Pumping

Scammers see your corporate long distance lines and 1-800 services as easy targets for toll fraud & toll free traffic pumping.

About Traffic Pumping & Toll Fraud

What is Toll Free Traffic Pumping?

Toll Free Traffic Pumping, also known as Access Stimulation or Call Pumping, is a sophisticated form of toll call fraud in which 1-800 numbers are flooded with bogus calls. Those calls generate revenue for the fraudster who has created a fake telephone company and is now billing your toll call provider for carrier fees for a portion of each call.

Who is at Risk?

This attack normally targets IVRs / contact centers with 1-800 service. A well designed traffic pumping attack will spoof the caller-ID / ANI for calls, possibly vary the length of calls, and most importantly, stay in an IVR as long as possible.

Why are Toll Fraud Attacks Effective?

This kind of fraud is effective because most contact centers don't have sufficient security solutions in place to detect toll call traffic pumping.

Far Reaching Impacts

The attacks can go on and on, tie up the IVR and agent time. If the attack involves more than a few simultaneous calls, then these negative value calls time up resources, waste agent time, and create some level of a Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) condition. If enough calls are generated or target a specific part of an IVR/contact center, then a TDoS condition will definitely occur.

Mitigating the Threat of Toll Fraud

The Call Secure™ solution from SecureLogix® can identify anomalies that are signatures of call pumping, or enforce call volume / toll threshold violations to help any enterprise stop toll call traffic pumping schemes and service abuse.

Solving traffic pumping requires a solution that works with TDM and SIP. Fraud has nothing to do with SIP trunking – the fraud will occur no matter what type of trunking you have. Do you think the attacker cares? No they just generate calls. Trying to solve fraud with an SBC does nothing for TDM and most SBCs won’t detect more sophisticated fraud and call pumping.

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