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SecureLogix is the industry pioneer it is today because of our team of dedicated voice security experts. They're the reason we've been trusted to secure 6 million enterprise voice and unified communications (UC) networks for more than 15 years.


Not Your Typical Enterprise Technology Vendor

Take the most experienced voice security experts. Build a company around the idea of delivering unparalleled service,  a company that invests deeply in cutting-edge research to deliver innovative voice security solutions.

We're not your largest IT vendor, we're the one with the startup agility and decades of unrivaled enterprise experience. The one that is there when you need us with super-hero-level support.  

We're not like the other vendors. We're the one you trust.



Created in 1998 by the founders of WheelGroup (acquired by Cisco Systems), SecureLogix has pioneered the enterprise voice security market in the U.S. and abroad for over 10 years. SecureLogix solutions are currently securing over three-and-a-half million enterprise phone lines, and the company owns 14 U.S. and international patents, with over 500 patent claims.


We Work With

SecureLogix works with some of the largest names in security and telecommunications.

SecureLogix is not your typical technology vendor. These are the guys who get it. These are the guys who are there when you need them. These are the guys you trust.
— Satisfied Customer
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