The backbone of SecureLogix's patented technology is active research. For two decades, we've partnered with other thought leaders in the cybersecurity space, developing new and stronger tactics for identifying, profiling, mitigating and ultimately eliminating threats to our clients' voice and unified communications networks. 



Research Partners With the DHS

Let's face it. Too many of us with critical voice infrastructure are being hijacked, because we're blind to modern cybersecurity fraudsters.

The Department of Homeland Security chose SecureLogix to research several of these threats, including TDoS attacks, bomb threats, robocalls, and fraudulent calls with spoofed identities.

From that research came the PolicyGURU solution: a robust SIP-based platform for security policy implementation and orchestration. And for the automation of business and network processes.

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Voice Security Threats

Consider the state of your voice network security today, and then ask yourself: Are these numbers stacked in your favor, or against?

  • 2 billion+ robocalls are placed each month  
  • 27 million+ consumers are the victims of phone scams each year 
  • $7 billion+ is lost to phone scams every year
  • 250,000 robocall / scam call complaints are reported every 2 weeks


Mark Collier

Mark Collier leads R&D of SecureLogix’s corporate technology, as well as research in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Previously, he spent 14 years at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), where he managed and contributed to software research and development projects in fields including information warfare.

If you don’t have solutions like what SecureLogix brings forward, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when you get attacked.
— ATT Voice Security Systems Expert
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