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Reduce costs and secure your business lines and contact centers from attack, disruption, fraud & abuse.

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Superhero-level Service

Call Security +

The Call Secure™ managed service delivers superhero-level call security protection.

The Call Secure™ managed service combines the power of cutting-edge technology with the most experienced call security service team in the business. Our proprietary technology sits at the edge of your TDM or SIP voice network and sorts good traffic from bad to reduce unwanted calls and keep your voice network safe and secure from attack. This technology is delivered and managed by our industry-leading team of call security experts who work every day to ensure you and your business always come out on top.


  • Protect against voice network attacks (SIP Security)
  • Proactive monitoring of new attacks and malicious calls
  • Call fraud, spoofing and robocall protection
  • Reduce call spam and unwanted nuisance calls
  • Supported by our best-in-class service team

Under Attack

Your voice network is under attack from a growing number of highly sophisticated scammers, hackers, and fraudsters.

Their aim is to steal money, identities and information, or to disrupt voice service delivery. Huge investments have been made to secure computer data networks and email, while enterprise voice systems remain largely unprotected. In today’s fully connected, digital world, fraudsters, hackers, and robocallers target enterprise phone systems and voice calls with the same attacks used on data networks and applications. The narrow approach to enterprise network 
security is no longer up to the task.

Red List

caller profile database

The Red List™ caller profile database is our proprietary database of harassing callers and attack signatures. A standard component of the Call Secure™ managed service solution, the Red List database is founded on 20 years of voice network protection experience.

Red List leverages our broad and deep view of enterprise voice attacks and malicious caller interactions and we use this data to keep your voice network safe and secure day in and day out.

Caller Profiles

Red List is continuously updated with caller profile information helping us to identify and block nuisance callers.

Attack Signatures

We catalog known and emerging attack signatures so attacks can be quickly identified and defeated.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Unified Solution

Unified, enterprise-wide call visibility, security policy control, & call orchestration

Vendor Agnostic

Voice system vendor agnostic

Choose Your Deployment

CPE, virtual, and cloud-based deployments 


Supports traditional TDM and SIP/UC

SBC Compatible

Complements / enhances existing SBCs

Superhero-level Service

Superhero-level Service

No one secures more enterprise voice networks and contact centers than SecureLogix. You can rely on our team of dedicated experts to be there when you need us with skill, experience, and superhero-level service.

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Vox Innovation Lab
innovation lab

For 20+ years, our research PhDs at Vox have identified threats & pioneered new technology to protect our clients from harm. Today, innovation continues through our joint research partnerships with the US DHS and DoD.

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Superhero-level Service

Customer Story - TDoS Attack

Payday Loan Scam

A nation-wide healthcare corporation found dozens of its member hospitals crippled by TDoS attacks, with vital voice services held hostage to ransom demands from highly sophisticated attackers.

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