Voice Security Threats
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Telephony Denial of Service - TDoS Attacks

You've probably heard of DDoS attacks, where bad actors flood your data systems with bogus traffic, paralyzing your business. Well, Telephony Denial of Service, or TDoS, attacks are the same, but they target your phone systems instead.

Could you afford that kind of downtime?

Spoofing & Authentication

Contact centers get calls from spoofed phone numbers all day. It's the reason your list of security questions is a mile long.  Well, what if your agents could spend more time listening to customers, and less time asking for the last four of their social?

We authenticate calls quickly so you can service more customers, faster, and with fewer agents. 

Robocalls & Voice Spam

Robocalls aren't just annoying, they are laser-focused on identity theft and financial fraud. What's worse, these sophisticated schemes often show up under innocent guises. (Free cruise, sure.)

SecureLogix blocks these malicious, disruptive, and negative-value calls.

Everyone does a lot to protect data or internet traffic, but SecureLogix is the leader in the industry for addressing security concerns from a voice perspective.
— ATT Voice Security Systems Expert
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