ETM System

An enterprise voice network security platform for TDM and SIP.

About ETM®️ System

What is the ETM®️ System?

The ETM® system is an enterprise voice network security platform designed and built by the call security experts at SecureLogix. When deployed as part of the Call Secure™ managed service, the ETM system secures enterprise voice networks and contact centers from TDoS attacks, toll fraud, call pumping and other threats. The ETM system is also effective at reducing robocalls, harassing phone calls, and voice spam.

Risks to the Enterprise Voice Network

Enterprises need strong security against the growing tide of attacks and other threats against their business-critical voice network resources. The increase in such attacks has been well documented by the FBI and DHS over the past few years. These include Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS), financial fraud / social engineering, toll fraud, harassing calls, voice spam, and voice phishing (vishing), and other forms of threats and misuse / abuse, such as internal abuse of outbound toll services, unauthorized access to voice systems, and large- scale outsider theft of outbound toll services via compromised IP-PBXs or voice gateways.

  • High profile services outages (TDoS attacks)
  • Loss of contact center uptime and impaired customer response times / satisfaction
  • Financial fraud against the enterprise and / or its customers
  • Financial exposure from theft and / or abuse of toll service
  • Loss of safety and business productivity

Call Security Protection

Protection against these types of voice security attacks requires the ability to dynamically identify abnormal or unusual patterns of calls based on the underlying metadata of each active call. Real-time analysis of this metadata, in turn, requires a mechanism to dynamically define voice security policies, in order to rapidly modify the metadata analysis and thereby adapt to new voice network attack strategies as they evolve.

SBCs are Not Enough

Traditional IP firewalls or Session Border Controllers (SBCs / eSBCs), on their own cannot adequately support such dynamic voice security policies, as they are statically configured to provide stability and reliability of the voice network session control and routing. At best, they provide static blacklists to block incoming calls. But, manually maintained, static blacklists are totally inadequate defense against the sophisticated voice network attacks that now commonly occur.

Get Realtime Policy-Based Security

The Call Secure™ managed service when deployed with the ETM® system provides universal, realtime, adaptive voice policy-based security that integrates with existing telecom equipment, including all brands of SBCs, gateways, and IP-PBXs, to allow your enterprise to manage and mitigate the voice security threats that, if ignored, could cripple the voice network essential to the success of your business operations.