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What We Do

Call security stops attacks and malicious calls.

Our call filtering solutions filter unwanted and malicious calls out of your network, protecting you and your customers from call attacks.

Auto-authentication verifies calls and detects outbound call spoofing.

We verify and authenticate every call, before your agents pick up the phone. Our smart auto-verification solution analyzes thousands of call and network details and real-time carrier network metadata to orchestrate your very best, lowest cost call-authentication and fraud inspection decisions.


Stop call / voice network attacks
Block spammers & fraudsters
Authenticate inbound calls
Increase call answer rates
Protect reputation from spoofing


30 Million +

Threatening calls blocked per year.

50,000 +

Fraud-related attacks blocked per customer per year.
State of Security Report
Call Secure Managed Service

call security managed service

Reduce costs and secure your business lines and contact centers from attack, disruption, fraud & abuse. The Call Secure service delivers cutting-edge technology along with the unrivaled experience of a team that's been defeating TDoS Attacks, robocalls, spam, toll fraud and other threats for over 20 years.

Protect Your Voice Network
30-sec voice security video


Call Secure Managed Service

call authentication service

Quickly verify and authenticate every inbound call with our automated, cloud-based, call-authentication and spoofing detection service.

Automated Call Authentication
30-sec call authentication video


9-1-1 Centers Across the U.S. Are Under Attack

Centers have their administrative lines integrated into the local 9-1-1 call handling equipment. Unwanted calls can easily enter the call queue, potentially disrupting operations. The Call Defense System™ from SecureLogix provides the protection necessary to ensure the public has uninterrupted access to emergency services.

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About Us

Some of the most trusted organizations in the world trust us to defend their voice networks and contact centers.

We’re not the largest IT vendor; we’re the one with start-up agility and decades of unrivaled enterprise experience.  The one that is there when you need us with superhero level support.

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Vox Innovation Lab

research & innovation lab

For 20+ years, our research PhDs at Vox have identified threats & pioneered new technology to protect our clients from harm. Today, innovation continues through our joint research partnerships with the US DHS and DoD.

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Lee Sutterfield Talks Robocalls on NPR

SecureLogix CEO Lee Sutterfield appeared on a recent episode of NPR’s “Here & Now” to discuss the increasingly complicated challenge of defeating Robocalls.

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