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Voice Network Security Experts


For 20 years, we've profiled the schemes and threats plaguing unified communications networks. That's how we've developed patented voice network security technology — now in its 8th generation — and built a skilled team to monitor and protect some of the world's largest and most complex contact centers and voice networks. 



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Everyone does a lot to protect data or Internet traffic, but SecureLogix is the leader in the industry for addressing security concerns from a voice perspective.
— ATT Voice Security Expert
Customer Stories

Voice Security Research

SecureLogix was asked by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to study one of the most insidious cybersecurity threats in practice today: spoofed calling numbers, a.k.a. spoofing.

We're also researching crucial defense strategies for businesses, individuals, and the government when they're faced with Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) attacks.

Lock-tight caller authentication will be the key, and our work under the DHS' Cyber Security Division's Science and Technology Directorate could unlock next-gen voice network security capabilities.

About Us

Take the most experienced voice security experts. Build a company around the idea of delivering unparalleled service. A company that invests deeply in cutting-edge research to deliver innovative voice security solutions.

We're not your largest technology vendor, we're the one with the startup agility and decades of unrivaled enterprise experience. The one that who shows up to give super-hero-level support, just moments before you need us.  

We're not like the other vendors. We're the one you trust.