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Call branding, security, and authentication solutions designed to reduce costs, maximize revenue, and restore trust.

Call Branding & Outbound
Increase your answer rates by 30% or more while protecting your outbound numbers from spoofing.
Call Authentication
Verify every inbound call with our automated call-authentication and spoofing detection service.
Call Security
Protect your business from TDoS attacks, fraud, and abuse with our security & fraud detection service.
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Help your customers answer your calls again.

Call Branding services from SecureLogix can help you restore trust and increase call answer rates by 30% or more while protecting your brand from spoofing.

87% of calls go unanswered
↑ 30%
30% increase in call answer rates

call authentication service

Quickly verify and authenticate every inbound call with our automated, cloud-based, call-authentication and spoofing detection service.

  • Shave 30 seconds off of call handling time
  • Increase IVR containment
  • Save 50 cents per call
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • call security managed service

    Reduce costs and secure your business lines and contact centers from attack, disruption, fraud & abuse.

  • Protect against voice network attacks
  • Proactive monitoring of new attacks and malicious calls
  • Call fraud, spoofing and robocall protection
  • Reduce call spam and unwanted nuisance calls
  • research lab

    For 20+ years, our research PhDs at Vox have identified threats & pioneered new technology to protect our clients from harm. Today, innovation continues through our joint research partnerships with the US DHS and DoD.

    $30 Million+ in DHS and DoD Funded Research

    About Us

    We're not your largest IT vendor. We're the one with the agility of a startup combined with decades of unrivaled enterprise experience. That's why some of the most trusted organizations in the world trust us to defend their voice networks and contact centers.

    9-1-1 Centers Across the U.S. Are Under Attack

    Many emergency 9-1-1 centers have their administrative lines integrated into the local 9-1-1 call handling equipment. This presents an opportunity for bad actors to inject spam and malicious calls into the call queue, potentially disrupting operations. The Call Defense System™ from SecureLogix provides the protection necessary to ensure the public has uninterrupted access to emergency services.