Industries We Protect


Financial, Banking, and Insurance

Global financial institutions and neighborhood banks alike face the same threats: TDoS Attacks, Call Pumping, Toll Fraud, etc. These inevitable interruptions to a unified communications network mean costly downtime. 

Keeping calls flowing freely and securely is paramount.


We defend our healthcare partners' critical communications lines from ruthless attacks aimed at the most vulnerable populations. Robocalls in patient rooms, phony bomb threats, and more.  

With us on your side, you see voice threats before they ever gain footing.

Energy and Utilities

These cornerstone verticals are a goldmine for voice network crime: A large client database, tons of high-traffic contact centers, and critical services that, when disrupted, could end in catastrophe. 

The threat is imminent. Are you ready?

Government and Military

The battlefield of the future will take place across voice and unified communications networks. And the artillery? Invisible unless you're looking for the right signs. For 20 years we've studied, profiled, and researched voice network threats.  

Criminals, spies, and hacktivists are building their arsenal. Are you?

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