Caller ID Spoofing

Learn what you can do to stop Caller ID Spoofing and impersonation attacks in your contact center or enterprise voice network.

About Caller ID Spoofing

What is Spoofing?

Phone Spoofing is a malicious activity in which bad actors manipulate the voice network into displaying false Caller ID information. This is done to either hide the caller's true identity and / or to present a false identity. The practice is common in attacks on contact centers and enterprise voice networks.

Today's hackers have ready access to sophisticated software tools that allow them to easily change the source number on inbound calls.

Spoofing enables a long list of illegal activities from impersonation attacks to account takeovers and financial fraud. Combined with the advent of low cost robocall technology, caller ID spoofing has spurred an exponential increase in phone-based attacks on contact centers and enterprise voice networks in just a few years.

Stop Caller ID Spoofing

The Orchestra One™ call authentication service from SecureLogix stops Caller ID Spoofing by auto-authenticating calls in real-time. So customer calls can be delivered to the contact center with a higher degree of confidence, malicious calls can be automatically filtered out, and questionable calls can be sent through a configurable series of additional filtering and evaluation for the most efficient and cost-effective decision.

The Orchestra One™ Service

The Orchestra One™ call authentication service is unique in the industry as a configurable cloud-based solution that is cost-effective enough to scale throughout the enterprise and designed and built to defeat call spoofing and the robocall threat.

If your organization is looking for a cost-effective way to defeat call spoofing, please reach out to one of our security experts for a detailed consultation today.