Robocalls, Spam, and Harassing Callers

Robocalls, and the financial scams and malicious attacks enabled by robocalls are surging. Learn what your organization can do to stop robocalls, spam and harassing callers.

Robocalls Whitepaper

Stop Robocalls, Spam and Harassing Callers with SecureLogix

Robocalls are at epidemic levels. Despite new initiatives by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and carriers, robocalls aren’t on the wane. Americans are still facing a scourge of 200 million unwanted robocalls a day, and nearly 30% of all U.S. calls were negative (nuisance, scam or fraud calls) in the first six months of 2019.

SecureLogix leads the voice network and contact center battle against robocalls with the Orchestra One™ cloud-based call authentication service.  The Orchestra One service works by auto-analyzing device information and call meta-data in realtime before the call is connected to an agent or leaves the IVR. The Orchestra One service relies upon layers of ultra-fast filtering and processing for the most accurate authentication possible. Filters are fully configurable and customizable to meet the unique demands of each business.  And each call is routed only through the filters necessary to assess that call – saving valuable time and money.

The Orchestra One call authentication service enables businesses to stop robocalls, voice spam and  harassing calls in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, taking the burden off of contact center agents and saving businesses millions of dollars.



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Robocall Facts

  • 5.1 billion robocalls attack U.S. businesses and consumers every year
  • 42% of robocalls are scam calls
  • The most damaging robocalls are scams and vishing attacks. The goals of attackers are to directly steal money, gather Personal Information (PI), or obtain other sensitive information.
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