Brochures & Flyers

Brochures, flyers, and other collateral about SecureLogix solutions and services.

Ringing iPhone with company logo indicating a branded call

Branding & Outbound - Brochure

Help customers answer your calls with confidence and protect your brand from fraud & abuse.
Outbound Brochure
Happy call center workers receiving secure calls

Branding & Outbound - Flyer

A 2-page introduction to Securelogix Call Branding, Outbound Spoofing Protection, and Call Management services.
Outbound Flyer
Happy call center workers receiving secure calls

Inbound Call Security

The Call Defense System from SecureLogix delivers industry-leading protection of your voice network and business calls.
Call Defense Flyer
Young contact center employee with his arms crossed

Inbound Call Authentication

Orchestra One delivers inbound call authentication for contact centers and other businesses that need to verify the identity of their callers.
Call Authentication Flyer
Happy call center workers receiving secure calls

Security Managed Service

The Call Secure Managed Service delivers call security backed by our industry-leading team experienced experts.
Call Secure Flyer
Smiling woman wearing a headset, working in an enterprise call center

SecureLogix Overview

An introduction and overview to our industry-leading solutions, cutting-edge technology and research-based approach to call security & trust.
Overview Brochure