Voice Security Threats
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Telephony Denial of Service - TDoS Attacks

TDoS is a flood of malicious inbound calls that target enterprise, government, and other business voice systems. SecureLogix leads the industry in technology and research on TDoS-related issues and offers cutting-edge solutions that help mitigate TDoS attacks by authenticating calls and helping defeat fraudulent call spoofing.

Spoofing & Authentication

Technology advances have made it easier than ever before for fraudulent callers to  mask their true identity and location.  SecureLogix has developed advanced call-based authentication solutions that evaluate calls in real time,  looking at a variety of  characteristics that may indicate call spoofing and assigning each call a unique  security score.   The scoring allow  good calls to be sent through with no delay,  bad  calls to be immediately rejected, and questionable calls to be passed on for additional  filtering or screening as necessary.   

We authenticate calls quickly so you can service more customers, faster, and with fewer agents. 

Robocalls & Voice Spam

Robocalls, and the financial scams and malicious attacks enabled by robocalls, are surging. An estimated 3.4 billion illegal robocalls targeted US consumers and businesses in April 2018 alone. SecureLogix leads the battle against robocalls with technology solutions that help businesses authenticate and filter out calls in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, taking the burden off of contact center agents and saving businesses millions of dollars.

SecureLogix blocks these malicious, disruptive, and negative-value calls.

Everyone does a lot to protect data or internet traffic, but SecureLogix is the leader in the industry for addressing security concerns from a voice perspective.
— ATT Voice Security Systems Expert
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