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Toll Fraud

If criminals break into your phones, they can silently place costly long distance calls on your dime. Maybe it will be a huge sum all at once, or maybe at a rate so slow you never notice.

Toll Fraud adds up quickly unless you detect strange activity right away.

SecureLogix can identify and mitigate toll fraud and service abuse, using real-time anomaly detection and policy enforcement of calls that are part of a toll fraud attack.

What is Toll Fraud?

Toll fraud is the theft of long-distance or international toll services, and is a long-standing voice security issue for enterprise businesses.

Toll fraud attacks may involve the resell of unauthorized long-distance access at the expense of the company, and are often achieved by hacking into corporate phone resources such as a PBX or individual phone or conference call lines.

Long distance services may also be misused and abused by your own staff placing expensive, unauthorized calls on corporate phone lines.


SecureLogix's Solutions

SecureLogix's solution can be deployed in both SIP and TDM networks, and it integrates well with common network infrastructures. We support both large and small sites, and use nimble polices for detection and mitigation. Better yet, newly built business rules and policies are fed by call attributes and SIP signaling attributes, without impacting underlying software.

  • Cloud-based deployment
  • Call-control options
  • Supports semi-static and dynamic white and black lists
  • Customizable network queries on source number, number type checks, call authentication, etc.
  • Accommodates industry regulatory requirements without changing software


Toll fraudsters look for large organizations where high-cost calls are unlikely to trip any alarms, or companies that may lack the resources to respond quickly. 



Call centers, 911 phone systems, and enterprise phone systems are common targets for Toll Fraud and other kinds of fraudulent activity. 


Customer Stories

If you don’t have solutions like what SecureLogix brings forward, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when you get attacked.
— Cybersecurity Researcher
Department of Homeland Security
Customer Stories

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