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Your Enterprise Voice Network is under attack.

We know some important things about your enterprise.
We know things that you may not know yourself. We know that you are significantly overpaying for your corporate voice network and services, no matter what type or mix of communication systems you own. And we know that you are vulnerable to costly, fraudulent and crippling attack through these same voice resources at this very moment.

We know because we see.
Our patented solutions have helped hundreds of companies see their voice security threats and opportunities to save money. It happens every time we deploy our solution. Every time. And although efforts to secure and save begin with visibility, they don´t end there. We also help you take real-time action, with voice network intelligence and unified policy enforcement across any mix of proprietary voice or unified communications (UC) systems.

We can help you unify, secure, optimize and better leverage your unified communications network to lower expenses, strengthen compliance, and enhance your business operations. We will change the way you see, protect, and leverage your UC network, and help transform your enterprise.


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If you don’t have solutions like what SecureLogix brings forward, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when you get attacked.
— Cybersecurity Researcher
Department of Homeland Security
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