High Risk Targets for
Phone Network Attacks


Call Centers

Corporate phone trees are easy targets for fraud, and the financial losses to you and your clients can be devastating.

We detect anomalous calls so criminals never get past the door.

Learn how to protect your company against Call Center Phone Fraud and Call Center Cyberattacks.

Is your company safe from call center phone fraud and call center cybderattacks?

911 Phone Systems and Other Critical Infrastructure

911 Phone Systems, Traffic lights, emergency services, cell towers, power grids, air traffic control. All these things and part of the infrastructure we take for granted every day. But criminals, scammers and hacktivists are directing more and more malicious activity toward critical frameworks in order to wreak the most havoc. 

Is your critical infrastructure safe from attack?

Enterprise Phone Systems

From TDoS Attacks and Spoofing to Social Engineering and Account Takeovers, your enterprise is vulnerable to costly, fraudulent and crippling attack. 

Find out what you can do to prevent attacks and fight fraud on your enterpise communications network.

Everyone does a lot to protect data or internet traffic, but SecureLogix is the leader in the industry for addressing security concerns from a voice perspective.
— ATT Voice Security Systems Expert
Customer Stories

Customer Stories