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Digital Defense Offers Free Ransomware Assessments for Healthcare

May 18, 2020 Enterprise Talk

Digital Defense, Inc. today announced a free, $1 million dollar offer to help healthcare organizations prevent ransomware attacks and maintain focus on important, life-saving endeavors. Cybercriminals are currently using a weapon known as ransomware to create panic in an industry already stressed by the global pandemic. Even more sinister with these crimes is that the thieves are financially benefiting from the chaos by ransoming payment in exchange for the release of keys necessary for IT teams to restore systems disabled by attacks. To help, Digital Defense is offering healthcare institutions free assessments to identify ransomware vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Hospitals and healthcare entities are being attacked digitally during a time when their resources are stretched and attentions are diverted. Successful ransomware attacks can take confidential data and hold critical technology systems hostage, crippling vital healthcare operations. Digital Defense understands these threats as well as budget constraints hospitals and healthcare businesses currently face. The company is offering a complimentary external and internal ransomware vulnerability assessment to help rapidly identify and prioritize existing vulnerabilities. The goal is to pinpoint weaknesses that are susceptible to a ransomware attack, including CryptoLocker vulnerabilities, and pave the way for swift, proactive remediation.

“The recent strain on healthcare organizations and added stress to these members of our communities whose primary focus is to help others makes them a prime target for cybercriminals and state-run attacks,” said Larry Hurtado, CEO of Digital Defense, Inc. “We want to help. We not only have an ability to help organizations prevent ransomware outages and/or make devastating data hostage payments, but we also have a contactless solution delivery approach with our SaaS technology hosted in AWS. With this free offering, we want to do everything we can to reduce the risk that nurses and physicians cannot access the information they need to deliver effective care to patients while at the same time not put IT staff in harm’s way with our contactless solution turn-up capabilities. We are working closely with our partners to get this solution working for the healthcare community as fast as possible.”