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DHS Recognizes SecureLogix With the 2017 “Bang for the Buck” Award

Jul 13, 2017

SecureLogix, a leading provider of voice and UC security solutions, are the recipients of the 2017 “Bang for the Buck” Award from the Cyber Security Division (CSD) of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate. The award was presented at the DHS 2017 Cyber Security R&D Showcase and Technical Workshop in Washington D.C. on July 13th, and recognizes the cyber security and public safety research work that SecureLogix is completing in partnership with the DHS S&T Directorate. 

“It’s a great honor for our team to be recognized by DHS for our efforts to deliver high value research for the budget provided,” said Lee Sutterfield, president of SecureLogix. “Our hope is that this research will have a positive and substantial impact on public safety and security of our country and citizenry, and we are proud to partner with DHS on such important work.” 

The S&T’s Cyber Security Division (CSD) awards contracts to fund research into critical security issues identified by DHS, civilian government agencies, and/or the commercial market, and focuses on funding the development of technology that can transfer from the lab into the private marketplace. SecureLogix is completing a series of research contracts with DHS that attempts to address a global rising tide of voice/phone security attacks. The focus of these research projects is to profile and construct defenses to evolving voice/phone-based threats, such as complex Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) attacks, robocalls, bomb threats, and other types of malicious calls.

Low-cost software tools and communication infrastructure now available to attackers have made it simple, inexpensive, and low-risk to generate malicious calls and other phone-based attacks. TDoS attacks can target and cripple corporate phone systems and other critical public safety infrastructure, such as 911 emergency response services. And phone based consumer fraud detection has become more complex with the easy availability of tools that allow robocall attackers to easily misrepresent their calling number identity (a practice called spoofing).

About SecureLogix
SecureLogix, a leader in enterprise voice/UC security policy enforcement and automated network process orchestration, helps defend corporations, military installations, and governments across the world from attack, operational disruption and fraud occurring over real-time communication services and infrastructure such as voice, video, and chat software and platforms. For more information, visit SecureLogix on the web at