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call authentication service

Quickly verify and authenticate every inbound call with our automated, cloud-based, call-authentication and spoofing detection service.

Cloud-based auto-authentication and spoofing detection that’s smart, efficient and affordable enough to scale across your entire enterprise.

Traditional approaches to automate call authentication for contact centers have been complex and costly, limiting broad adoption and slowing the transition away from deeply flawed knowledge-based authentication (KBA) approaches.

The Orchestra One™ call authentication service from SecureLogix dynamically orchestrates multiple zero-cost and low-cost metadata services to authenticate each call at its lowest possible price. This approach to automation is efficient and affordable enough to scale authentication services to all contact center calls and customer voice transactions across the enterprise.

Why Orchestra One?
  • Lowest-cost authentication solution (half off vs. competitors
  • Identify trusted callers before answering the call
  • Verify calls after IVR processing
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Orchestration of media fraud analysis tools for multi-factor authentication
Is your contact center still relying on knowledge-based authentication (KBA)?

If so, you may be costing your business millions of dollars and frustrating your customers, without significantly reducing your risk for impersonation fraud and other attacks. With the Orchestra One™ call authentication service you can shave up to 30 seconds off of each call, increase customer satisfaction, and separate good callers from those that may require more detailed fraud analysis.

Automated Authentication vs. KBA
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Shave 30 Seconds off of call handling time
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Increase IVR containment
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Save 50 cents per call
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Increase Customer Satisfaction
Security Filter
Orchestration & Risk Scoring
A.I. / Machine
Authentication & Risk Scoring

The Orchestra One™ service dynamically orchestrates the call authentication process using a variety of metadata services to assign a risk score to every call. The cost of authentication increases as the call progresses through Levels 1 through 3. Orchestration enables 90% of calls to be verified at Level 1 or 2, allowing the contact center to save money by authenticating each call at its lowest possible price.

Level 1
Low-cost metadata, industry, and proprietary data sources, SIP analysis, etc.
Level 2
Strong authentication through STIR / SHAKEN, porting data, and real-time carrier network information with US carriers.
Level 3
Orchestrate the use of 3rd party solutions including media / voice analysis, audio deep fakes, etc.