TDoS Attacks

TDoS attacks (a.k.a Telephony Denial of Service) flood and overwhelm a target’s voice lines and systems, preventing legitimate calls from getting through.

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Protect Your Organization from TDoS Attacks with SecureLogix

SecureLogix leads the industry in technology and research on TDoS-related issues. Our Force Field Managed Service works to mitigate TDoS attacks by authenticating calls and helping to defeat fraudulent call spoofing.
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TDoS Facts

  • TDoS can affect any government, enterprise, or small business, but most commonly impacts organizations with critical, public-facing contact centers.
  • As robocall and spoofing technology progresses, it becomes increasingly easy to generate large scale, high-volume TDoS attacks

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CAll Security Managed Service

Stop TDoS attacks and secure your business lines and contact centers from disruption, fraud and abuse.

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Call Authentication Service

Quickly verify and authenticate every inbound call with our automated, cloud-based call authentication and spoofing detection service.

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