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The White House Wants to Wield the Terrifying Power of AI Against Robocalls

Nov 1, 2023 Gizmodo

VP Harris announced virtual hackathons to combat phone scams that target the elderly, among other US initiatives, at Rishi Sunak’s AI Summit.

Vice President Kamala Harris announced a swath of new initiatives at the United Kingdom’s Global Summit on AI Safety Wednesday, including the establishment of the United States AI Safety Institute. One of the initiatives outlined by the White House is to combat fraudulent robocalls using artificial intelligence.

The White House will host virtual hackathons to fight fraudulent spam callers, particularly those using novel AI-generated voice models. VP Harris invites technology experts around the country to build artificial intelligence-based solutions to fend off the scams that particularly target the elderly. This initiative, among others announced by VP Harris Wednesday, expands on Joe Biden’s executive order calling on Congress to regulate artificial intelligence…