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The Beginning of the End of Robocalls

Feb 14, 2019 New York Magazine

February 14, 2019

For the vast majority of Americans, robocalls and spam phone calls are a fact of daily life. I get far more robocalls and spam calls than actual calls at this point. I never pick up the phone unless I recognize the number, which has led to me ignoring calls from people I actually want to talk but aren’t in my contacts. First Orion estimates 50 percent of all mobile phone traffic is robocalls or spam, and YouMail puts the total number of robocalls to Americans just in January at 5.2 billion. That’s 167.3 million robocalls a day, or 1,936 robocalls every second, and on pace for at least 62 billion spam calls in 2019. But 2019 is also the year where, if all goes according to plan, robocallers and spammers are going to find much harder to make your phone ring…