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10 Russia-Ukraine war scams hitting you via email, phone, and social media

Mar 2, 2022 USA Today

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is nearly 6,000 miles from our border, but it’s likely already affecting you here at home.

You probably see a hit to your 401(k) and financial portfolio. As those go down, gas prices are going up. Tap or click here for simple ways to find the best gas prices in your area.

Whenever there’s an event of mass impact, hackers, scammers, and thieves take advantage of the situation.

Note that scammers will contact you via calls, text, email, or social media. If you have anyone older in your family, they are very susceptible to falling for these scams. Share this post with them on your social media or email this post with a link.

Here’s a list of scams we can expect to see as the Russia-Ukraine war heats up…