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TCSO Warns Tulsans About ‘Convincing’ Phone Scams

Jan 2, 2022 NEWS9

TULSA, Oklahoma – 

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) has a warning about scammers who are calling people claiming to be deputies and asking for money.

Deputies say some folks have lost as much as $3,500 because of this scam, so they’re reminding the community that this is not how they operate.

Casey Roebuck with the TCSO said these crimes are especially irritating because the scammers have it down to a T.

“I’ve actually been on the phone with one of these guys and they can sound very convincing,” Roebuck said. “They sound very official. And it’s very scary for people to don’t know how we actually do our jobs.”

Deputies say scammers have been calling people saying they are with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.

They say the scammers tell the potential victim that they have a warrant, and they have to pay a bond to avoid arrest…