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Security Experts Battle Hackers, COVID-19 Cyberattacks

Mar 20, 2020 SDXcentral

Threat researchers at Microsoft, ClearSky Cyber Security, and Okta are among the hundreds of security experts helping the medical community fight COVID-19 cyberattacks through the COVID-19 CTI League.

Ohad Zaidenberg, lead cyber intelligence researcher at ClearSky Cyber Security, founded the group this week (CTI stands for cyber threat intelligence). And in just nine days, the league counts more than 450 members from more than 35 countries worldwide, he said.

“Since the corona crisis came out, I started to notice more and more hackers use it to gain profit,” he told SDxCentral. “When the pandemic became a global crisis, I understood these malicious activities can cause deaths. I thought that we, the cyber threat intelligence community, should stop sitting on the fence and volunteer to help the medical sector in its most challenging and sensitive time. We established this community to do it.”