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Robocalls keep coming: Here’s how consumers can minimize the calls

Apr 27, 2023 CBS News

Robocalls just keep coming … new numbers calling and calling. It’s annoying, and no wonder, the spam calls are on the rise.

Americans received 4.9 billion robocalls in March. After staying flat for most of the year, the calls spiked 15% from the month before.

Despite efforts from the federal government, including new 2019 legislation allowing them to shut down more than 300 robocall campaigns, scammers just keep finding ways to get around it.

The founder of the robocall blocking app Youmail shared the methods used by scammers to reach unsuspecting targets. “Well the bad guys just went and got real numbers and it turns out when you have a real number, it’s really good. It has a little green check mark on the phone and it may say it’s the IRS. People think it’s the IRS,” said Alex Quilici, CEO Youmail.

The FCC reported that advancements in technology make it cheap and easy to make massive numbers of robocalls and to “spoof” caller ID information to hide a caller’s true identity…