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Robocalls and graffiti after Mollie Tibbetts’ death worry Iowa Latinos

Sep 1, 2018 CNN

September 1, 2018

(CNN)The paint on the road near a predominantly Latino community near Des Moines read, “Deport Illegals.”

The sprayed-on sentiment didn’t last the day, but some officials in the Iowa city are worried it’s indicative of a simmering resentment for immigrants that has become more public recently.

The red paint defaced both directions on a two-lane road on the city’s south side on Thursday.

“These actions are unfortunate and not consistent with Des Moines’ spirit of compassion,” Mayor Frank Cownie said. “Such actions have no place in our city.”

A city worker painted over the words later in the day. The city tweeted a photo of the graffiti removal, with the hashtag #NotInOurCity…