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How to recognize a vishing scam and protect yourself from attack

Feb 5, 2024 CNBC

The phone rings and a recording says you owe the IRS back taxes and have to share your credit card number to settle the balance. Or it’s the bank, warning you that your account has been compromised.

These are just two examples of “vishing,” or voice phishing, a popular scam that can take place over a mobile phone or landline. The perpetrator will often pretend to be from a recognizable company or government agency and ask for your credit card, bank account info, Social Security number or other sensitive data.

These attacks are particularly effective because the scammers sound authoritative and urgent. In 2022, victims of vishing scams reported median losses of $1,400, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Below, CNBC Select explains how to identify, avoid and recover from vishing attacks…