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Ransomware and DDoS attacks: Cybercrooks are stepping up their activities in the midst of coronavirus

Apr 3, 2020 ZDNet

Cyber criminals are preying on anxieties around the coronavirus outbreak in an effort to maximise the impact of their attacks – with some operations intensifying ransomware and DDoS attacks at a time when remote access to computer networks and online services is more vital than ever.

new paper from Europol – based on contributions from European Union member states and partners – examines how cyber criminals have reacted and evolved since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and how they’re seeking to exploit vulnerabilities that have emerged.

It warns that crooks are stepping up ransomware attacks, even in a time of international crisis.

“The types of criminals exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic online were also active in the area of cybercrime before. However, some are believed to have intensified their activities and are actively recruiting collaborators to maximise the impact of their attacks or schemes,” says the report.

Last month, a Czech hospital serving as a COVID-19 testing centre was hit with a cyberattack in in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak, forcing some services to be temporarily shut down.