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Phone Number & Voice Spoofing: Protect Your Enterprise

Feb 7, 2019 No Jitter

February 7, 2019

Phone number spoofing is a known problem, one that has been around for years and addressable via solutions from companies such as Pindrop that help determine the probability that the caller’s number is legitimate. Through white and black lists of phone numbers, testing network delay, and other audio heuristics, the confidence rates are in the high 90s. For instance, if a call comes in from a U.S. area code, but the network delay is longer than 100 milliseconds, then odds are high that the caller is really overseas.

This technology is beneficial in contact centers. Enterprise call centers deploy this technology to reduce the number of security questions they must ask, in turn reducing the average call handle time and providing a better caller experience.

A newer problem, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) in the speech world, is voice spoofing…