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Phone calls from Peru got $550K from Spanish-speaking U.S. residents. The callers got prison

Sep 8, 2019 Miami Herald

September 8, 2019

Four Peruvians who ran call centers as part of a $550,000 phone scam that targeted elderly Spanish-speaking U.S. residents can call the United States home for the next few years.

Soon, you can find their addresses in the federal prison inmate locator database. Each has been sentenced in Fort Lauderdale federal court.

Jesus Gutierrez Rojas, 37, got four years, three months and $921,740 in restitution on Tuesday after pleading guilty to three counts of extortion. Also Tuesday, 38-year-old Maria De Guadalupe Alexandra Podesta Bengoa and 43-year-old Virgilio Polo Davila each got three years, 10 months each after pleading guilty to one count of extortion. Podesta owes $114,717 in restitution and Polo Davila owes $619,014…