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Keepnet’s Research Unveiled that 70% of Organizations Share Sensitive Data on Vishing Calls

May 8, 2024 PR Newswire

The first-ever research report highlights industry-specific voice phishing risks and protective strategies.

SEATTLE, May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Voice phishing, or vishing, poses a significant social engineering threat to organizations of all sizes. On average, vishing attacks cost organizations $14 million annually. As part of the 2024 Vishing Response Report, Keepnet, a Unified Social Engineering Platform, found that 70% of businesses are susceptible to voice phishing and sharing sensitive information during simulated attacks. The report identifies specific vulnerabilities in industries and departments, showcasing the different levels of risk and preparedness against vishing threats.

The use of AI to orchestrate these attacks has led to an increase in both their frequency and sophistication.

Additionally, legal and compliance challenges often block the implementation of vishing simulation tests, complicating efforts to combat this attack.

The Vishing Response Report is the first of its kind to demonstrate the feasibility of complying with FCC, GDPR, CCPA, and similar legal requirements while conducting voice phishing (vishing) tests. The Vishing Response Report analyzed data from over 3,000 calls made from Keepnet’s Vishing Simulation platform and found that…