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New FCC rule aims to curb scam calls

Jul 23, 2021 Kait8

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Whether it’s bogus calls from the IRS, your power company or Publishers Clearing House, we’ve all had our fair share of annoying scam calls.

Thanks to new technology, the number of these calls you get should go down. A new Federal Communications Commission rule is now in effect.

Phone companies must use what’s called Stir/Shaken technology. Basically, you should only get calls from real numbers. Those fake or spoof numbers should not make it through.

On Your Side has reported on these phone scams for years. Crooks use what’s called Caller ID spoofing. They make your caller ID display a familiar number, like a 417 area code, your power company or even your own number. Scammers want you to think it’s a legit call. Now this is an old trick…