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How to spot scam artists impersonating the IRS

Mar 9, 2022 ABC News

To protect yourself, request an identity protection PIN from the IRS.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Tax scams come in all forms, but the purpose is always the same.

Criminals are trying to get your financial and personal information, so here’s what you need to know.

“People need to realize that the IRS never initiates contact by text message, email, or social media.They actually still initiate contact the old-fashioned way through the US Postal Service,” said Chuck Minnich, owner of Foundation Capital Management, LLC.

The IRS will not initiate contact with a phone call either. Even if your caller ID says “IRS,” beware.

“The person on the other side will tell you that you’re either due for a large refund or you owe taxes,” said Minnich.

If you don’t provide your bank account information or promise to pay up, bogus threats often follow.

“Generally from supposedly law enforcement, threatening arrest, license revocation, or even deportation,” he said.

Another red flag is if someone claims to be from the IRS and demands payment in a very specific form…