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How Social Engineering Attacks Target CEOs

May 16, 2023 Security Boulevard

Social engineering is a type of cybersecurity attack that aims to manipulate victims into sharing personal information, revealing account login, or exposing sensitive information that compromises their personal and/or company’s security, privacy, and finances.

While 2022 estimates are still being accounted for, it has been assessed that 6.9 billion was stolen through social engineering in 2021 alone.

Business executives are at a heightened risk of encountering aggressive and sophisticated social engineering attacks, not only because of their personal wealth and high-profile status, but because of the access and influence they possess within their company.

After all, when an executive’s email or social accounts are compromised, it opens the door to numerous other lateral attacks that can penetrate nearly every facet of a company.

It is for that reason executive cyber protection against social engineering attacks is of paramount importance for CEOs and their organizations alike.

This is why cybersecurity experts at BlackCloak put together a guide on social engineering attacks: how to identify them, and how executives can remain protected…