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Hackers Using Vishing to Trick Victims into Installing Android Banking Malware

Oct 17, 2022 The Hacker News

Malicious actors are resorting to voice phishing (vishing) tactics to dupe victims into installing Android malware on their devices, new research from ThreatFabric reveals.

The Dutch mobile security company said it identified a network of phishing websites targeting Italian online-banking users that are designed to get hold of their contact details.

Telephone-oriented attack delivery (TOAD), as the social engineering technique is called, involves calling the victims using previously collected information from the fraudulent websites.

The caller, who purports to be a support agent for the bank, instructs the individual on the other end of the call to install a security app and grant it extensive permissions, when, in reality, it’s malicious software intended to gain remote access or conduct financial fraud.

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