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FCC Cracking Down On Robocalls, But Expert Warns New Rules Won’t End Them

Aug 4, 2019 CBS Chicago

August 4, 2019

CHICAGO (CBS) — Americans receive around 150 million robocalls every day by some estimates, and last week the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) put new measures in place to crack down.

But as CBS News’ Lisa Mateo reported Sunday evening, experts say it will not put an end to those unwanted calls.

Robocalls are a daily annoyance. Patricia Juhasz said she got 14, all of which were spoofed.

“All from a 216 phone number, which is our area code, so it looks like it’s a local number,” Juhasz said.

If the calls weren’t bad enough, earlier this year, Juhasz also received a series of robo texts promising cash loans.