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European Police Take Down $9m Vishing Gang

Nov 16, 2023 Info-Security Group

Police in Ukraine and Czechia claim to have disrupted a multimillion-dollar fraud gang who called victims impersonating bank staff, using classic voice phishing (vishing) techniques.

Europol claimed that the group may have made tens of millions of euros by defrauding victims across the region. It said the cost to Czech victims alone is estimated to be €8m ($9m).

Ten suspects were arrested in April this year, six in Ukraine and four in Czechia. Homes, vehicles and call centers in Czechia (Domazlice, Rokycany and Plzen) and Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk) were searched by local investigators supported by Europol, the policing group said.

Mobile phones, SIM cards and computer equipment were seized during the operation…