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Can We Stop The Scourge Of Robocalls?

Sep 30, 2019 Forbes

September 30, 2019

Given the recent media attention on combating robocalls, we need a reality check: We can’t completely eradicate these “nuisance” calls. But we do have the technology and regulatory framework here in the United States to block the most egregious robocalls that put consumers at risk.

While there’s not a panacea for robocalls, we can take huge strides in shutting down illegal robocalls run by fraudsters who use autodialed, pre-recorded messages to prey on unsuspecting victims to steal money or personal data, or both. Some quick clarity on terminology: If you answer the phone and hear a recording rather than a live person, then it’s a robocall. And if the call is trying to sell you something, then it’s illegal — unless you’ve given written permission to allow it. More information on robocalls from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can be found here.