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Call Center Security Equals Customer Satisfaction

Apr 27, 2023

In the call center, effective management of customer data and other sensitive information is par for the course, so data protection is critical. Unfortunately, traditional consumer browsers used to access this data often lack necessary security controls, leaving the organization and its data significantly vulnerable to cyber threats.

This presents call centers with a difficult decision: continue with a legacy VPN which supports voice but undermines the user experience, or transition to a zero-trust network access approach that cannot support voice. In an attempt to solve this problem, organizations resort to adding multiple solutions like agents, proxies, gateways and virtual desktop infrastructure to their security stacks. But this only complicates administration and strains the user experience, and as a result, reduces productivity.

Furthermore, the complexity of the security stack can result in longer onboarding times for new agents, slow down processes and cause frustration. This can lead to decreased morale and job satisfaction among call center agents, resulting in high turnover and difficulties attracting new talent. Moreover, navigating multiple solutions can be challenging and confusing for call center agents, leading to mistakes that can further affect customer satisfaction…