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Branded Caller ID: The Pros And Cons In The Battle Against Phone Scams

Feb 8, 2023 Forbes

In today’s digital age, businesses still often rely heavily on phone calls as a means of customer communication. However, with the rise of phone scams and robocalls, it can be difficult for consumers to trust most incoming calls, even from numbers familiar to them. This is where branded caller ID has the potential to help.

Branded caller ID, also known as call display branding or caller ID branding, allows businesses to display their company name and/or logo on the caller ID of outbound calls. This can create a more trustworthy and professional appearance for the business, helping companies deal with fraud and the rise in consumers that are increasingly wary of answering calls from unfamiliar numbers. Through branded caller ID, customers can identify the brand and have more trust that the call is genuine.

In this way, branded caller ID can help businesses improve the chances that customers will answer their calls, likely leading to more productive and successful interactions and outcomes. This can be especially valuable for businesses that rely heavily on phone calls for sales, customer service or other important interactions…