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As cyber attacks grow, doctors and hospitals struggle to update security measures

Apr 19, 2020 Boston Globe

Though banks are a favorite target of cyber criminals — “because bad guys go where the money is” — health care organizations are quickly closing the gap.

Cyber criminals are increasingly launching malicious software attacks against health care organizations, including those in Boston, disrupting medical treatment and threatening the vast amounts of private patient information housed at doctors’ offices and hospitals.

And even as health care providers are a growing target for hackers, the health care industry as a whole is lagging in security measures to prevent and respond to attacks, according to cybersecurity experts.

The risk has only increased amid the coronavirus pandemic, with hackers attempting to hamstring hospitals that are already stressed and scrambling to treat surging numbers of patients sick with the virus. In early April, Interpol alerted police forces in 194 countries to the heightened threat of cyber attacks targeting hospitals.