Financial Institution Saves $400,000 in Call Center Fraud After 3 Months

A large regional financial institution is targeted for repeat financial fraud and account takeover attacks via the call center. SecureLogix helps the bank identify fraudulent calls and defeat spoofing and impersonation attacks saving the bank millions of dollars in fraudulent wire transfers.

“We were losing a lot of money to fraud and our customers were having their accounts compromised… with the Call Defense™ system and Orchestra One we were able to proactively identify and mitigate fraudulent calls and call patterns, and greatly reduce our risk to spoofing & impersonation attacks and increase our capability to prevent call center fraud in general. ”


A large regional financial institution and its customers were victims of phone-based financial fraud and account takeover attacks inside the bank’s national contact center operation. The scammers employed social engineering tactics to pry private account holder information from contact center agents. Armed with this stolen account information, the criminals use spoofing and other tactics to pass themselves as legitimate account holders and execute numerous fund transfers into their criminal accounts.


Deployment of the SecureLogix® Call Defense™ system armed the bank with multiple weapons to prevent call center fraud.  Now they can identify calling patterns indicative of fraud in real-time and automatically redirect those suspected fraud calls to senior fraud agents all the while recording the conversations. Additional deployment of the Orchestra One call authentication service allows the bank to thwart robocalls, defeat most spoofing, and quickly and easily authenticate customers in real-time before they reach a CSR.


The bank prevented more than $400,000 in fraudulent wire transfers in just the first three months following the deployment of the SecureLogix Call Defense™ system. The bank now uses the recorded fraud calls as evidence in prosecuting perpetrators, and to train its contact center staff to better recognize social engineering schemes and tactics. Moving forward the bank looks to the Orchestra One™ call authentication service to continue to reduce operating costs, reduce fraud risk, and increase customer satisfaction.

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