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Dutch Hacker Case in Early 90s Was a Test For San Antonio Cyber Pioneers

Aug 14, 2017

The Internet had been brought to its knees. In 1988, a computer program written by a graduate student named Robert Morris snaked its way across much of the early Internet. The so-called Morris Worm infected and crashed anywhere from one-sixth to one-third of all computers connected to the Internet, according to a Government Accountability Office report from the time.

Shortly after the worm’s demise, a young Air Force officer named Lee Sutterfield left San Antonio for a closed council in California on lessons from the attack. The virus had been defeated, but the response had been piecemeal. Sutterfield, along with his boss, Greg White, listened as experts from across the country spoke of the need to work together on cybersecurity…

Source: https://www.expressnews.com/sa300/article/Dutch-hacker-case-in-early-90s-was-a-test-for-San-11735535.php?t=80346503faacd54814#photo-13641171