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A Message From the CEO: Our Response to COVID-19

Mar 31, 2020

Our Response to COVID-19

We know this is a disruptive and stressful time for you and your business. We hope you are remaining safe during this challenging period, and finding ways to stay successful.
One of the unfortunate realities of our interconnected world is that cybersecurity and fraud attacks typically increase during periods of national crisis. Criminals often prey on society when we are distracted with other public threats.

This has certainly been the case during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cybersecurity threats are spiking globally and a number of agencies have issued warnings about an increased risk for attacks. Here is an example of a TDoS alert for the Healthcare Sector from the NTIC.

Similarly, we are identifying and blocking a striking increase in attacks against our customer enterprise and contact center phone lines.

Here are a few examples we’re seeing:

Premier National Insurance Provider:

saw more call attacks in Q1 2020 than in all of 2019.

  • Jan – Mar 2020: 140k attacks
  • Jan – Dec 2019: 100k attacks
Top Five Global Financial Institution:

saw weekly call attacks increase 1500% over the past month.

  • Currently: 100k+ per week
Major Healthcare Provider Network:

experienced a 55% increase in call attacks over just the past 3 weeks.

You Remain Protected

It is not my intent to spread uncertainty and fear. We understand there are many challenges that demand your attention during this crisis. But I did want to reassure our customers that our security monitoring and protection services have been uninterrupted during this period. We are 100% resilient and operational throughout this pandemic, and you remain fully protected. Please let us know if we can assist you in mitigating any unique issues you may be facing. Our staff is ready and eager to help.

Unique Help Available Through the Crisis

If you are not a customer of our voice security and fraud prevention services, please reach out if we can help you assess current threats and begin protecting your network or contact center. We now have some unique offers on our voice network security and fraud monitoring services that we will extend throughout this crisis. All of these are provided through remote deployment, so there is no need for physical site visits.

Let us know if we can help at https://securelogix.com/pandemic, or by contacting our program coordinator Torrey Viger at (603) 632‑4652 or tviger@securelogix.com.

I wish safety and good health to you and yours,

Lee Sutterfield
President & CEO