Toll Call Fraud &
Call Pumping

Scammers see your corporate long distance lines and 1-800 services as easy targets for toll fraud & call pumping.

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Block and Prevent Toll Call Fraud and Call Pumping with SecureLogix

Call pumping and toll call fraud costs can be devastating, but you can only stop it if you can detect it. SecureLogix can identify anomalies that are signatures of call pumping, or enforce call volume / toll threshold violations to help any enterprise block and prevent call pumping schemes and service abuse.

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Toll Fraud & Call Pumping Facts

  • Call pumping schemes are on the rise, due to the ease of automatically generating inbound calls to 1-800 numbers
  • Wangiri attacks causing people to inadvertently call premium-rate toll numbers are a common practice.

Call Security Managed Service

Stop TDoS attacks and secure your business lines and contact centers from disruption, fraud and abuse.

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Call Authentication Service

Quickly verify and authenticate every inbound call with our automated, cloud-based call authentication and spoofing detection service.

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