Call Spoofing & Impersonation Attacks

Technology advances have made it easier than ever before for fraudulent callers to mask their true identity and location through call spoofing.

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Authenticate Callers, Identify and Flag Spoofed Calls with SecureLogix

Call spoofing is the act of changing the source number on an inbound call. While some spoofing is legitimate, the days of trusting Caller ID are long gone. SecureLogix provides full voice network security and restores trust in caller-ID through the Orchestra One call authentication solution and the Force Field voice security managed service.

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Spoofing Facts

  • Call spoofing makes all inbound voice call-based attacks more difficult to deal with, including robocall scams, vishing, TDoS attacks, and Account Takeover (ATO) in financial contact centers.
  • 61 % of fraud losses from account takeovers occur over contact center phone calls

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CAll Security Managed Service

Stop TDoS attacks and secure your business lines and contact centers from disruption, fraud and abuse.

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Call Authentication Service

Quickly verify and authenticate every inbound call with our automated, cloud-based call authentication and spoofing detection service.

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