Robocalls, Spam, and Harassing Callers

Robocalls, and the financial scams and malicious attacks enabled by robocalls, are surging.

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Battle Robocalls , Spam and Harassing Callers with SecureLogix

SecureLogix leads the battle against robocalls with technology solutions that help businesses authenticate and filter out calls in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, taking the burden off of contact center agents and saving businesses millions of dollars.

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Robocall Facts

  • 5.1 billion robocalls attack U.S. businesses and consumers every year
  • 42% of robocalls are scam calls
  • The most damaging robocalls are scams and vishing attacks. The goals of attackers are to directly steal money, gather Personal Information (PI), or obtain other sensitive information.

Lee Sutterfield Talks Robocalls on NPR

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CAll Security Managed Service

Stop TDoS attacks and secure your business lines and contact centers from disruption, fraud and abuse.

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Quickly verify and authenticate every inbound call with our automated, cloud-based call authentication and spoofing detection service.

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