Call Pumping


Call Pumping Fraud

Scammers see your 1-800 services and corporate long distance lines as easy targets for fraud. After spraying your 1-800 number with fake calls, collect interconnect and delivery fees, and leaves you with the bill.

Call Pumping fraud can be devastating, but you can only stop it if you can detect it.

SecureLogix can identify anomalies that are signatures of call pumping, or enforce call volume/toll threshold violations to help any enterprise block and prevent call pumping schemes.

What is Call Pumping?

Call traffic pumping or “access stimulation” is the computer-generation of calls into 1-800 toll free destinations in order to collect a portion of the connection or per-minute charges associated with the call.

If the fraudster’s goal is the collection of connection charges, then they will often “spray” numerous 1-800 numbers and then immediately disconnect after the call is established. However, some attack calls may attempt to run-up per minute charges by dwelling in a corporate Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System via silence or DTMF sequences.

In more advanced forms of the attack, the fraudster frequently changes the source number over the duration of the attack.


SecureLogix's Solutions

SecureLogix's solution can be deployed in both SIP and TDM networks, and it integrates well with common network infrastructures. We support both large and small sites, and use nimble polices for detection and mitigation. Better yet, newly built business rules and policies are fed by call attributes and SIP signaling attributes, without impacting underlying software.

  • Cloud-based deployment
  • Call-control options
  • Supports semi-static and dynamic white and black lists
  • Customizable network queries on source number, number type checks, call authentication, etc.
  • Accommodates industry regulatory requirements without changing software


Call Pumping schemes are industry agnostic, meaning no one is safe. Lucky for you, though, our research is industry-agnostic, too. 




Customer Stories

If you don’t have solutions like what SecureLogix brings forward, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when you get attacked.
— Cybersecurity Researcher
Department of Homeland Security
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