Protecting 911 Phone Systems from TDoS and Other Malicious Attacks

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911 phone Systems, traffic lights, emergency services, cell towers, power grids, air traffic control. All these things and part of the infrastructure we take for granted every day. But criminals, scammers and hacktivists are directing more and more malicious activity toward critical frameworks in order to wreak the most havoc. SecureLogix has decades of unmatched experience working with emergency 911 call centers to protect against TDoS attacks and other malicious attacks. Speak with a SecureLogix expert today about how to protect your critical infrastructure from call-based attacks.

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911 Phone Systems Security Facts

  • TDoS can affect any government, enterprise, or small business, but most commonly impacts organizations with critical, public-facing contact centers.
  • As robocall and spoofing technology progresses, it becomes increasingly easy to generate large scale, high-volume TDoS attacks
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